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Yoyo or Pakistani Loach - 3x

Yoyo or Pakistani Loach – 3x


Yoyo or Pakistani Loach - 3x

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5 in stock

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Common name: Pakistani or Yoyo Loach

Latin name: Botia almorhae

Maximum size: 10-14cm

Water chemistry: pH: 6.0-8.0; Hardness: soft to medium hard (dH: 5-15); Temperature: 20-28 C

Origin: India and Nepal

Diet: Loaches are carnivorous and eat insects, small crustaceans and snails in the wild. Will take all types of life & frozen food, good quality pellet and flake food (such as Spectrum or Dainichi pellets).

A riverine species tending to congregate in pools and stiller areas characterised by rocky substrates. It undergoes upstream migrations prior to spawning. Although botiids don’t require turbulent conditions they do best when the water is well-oxygenated with a degree of flow.

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