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Easy-Life Voogle - 250ml

Easy-Life Voogle – 250ml


Easy-Life Voogle - 250ml

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Easy-Life Voogle (Immune Booster) – Every fish has a natural immune system against pathogens, but transportation, dirty water or a high number of pathogens in the water cause a lot of stress. Stress costs a great deal of energy and has a negative effect on the immune system. The mucous skin, gills and fins, in particular, become more sensitive to diseases, such as white spot, fungi and other types of infection.

Weekly use of Voogle ensures that fish remain optimally protected in a natural way and the dangers resulting from pathogens are greatly reduced.

  • Maintenance, continuous protection – 10 ml Voogle per 100 liters aquarium water every week
  • Transport – 10 ml per 40 liters during (long-distance) transport
  • Quarantine & import – Five-day course treatment, 10 ml per 40 liters
  • New fish in aquarium – Double dose, 10 ml per 20 liters
  • In case of problems – Five-day course treatment, 10 ml per 40 liters.

Voogle is based on targeted boosting of the immune system, thereby combating the pathogens naturally. This approach is also of great interest in the development of medicines for humankind as it has been scientifically proven that medication that boosts the immune system has considerable capacity to prompt the immune system to prevent and fight infections without the intervention of antibiotics.

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