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API Water Softening Pillow

API Water Softening Pillow


API Water Softening Pillow

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General: The API Water Softening Pillow lowers water hardness & pH value. Ready to use. For Freshwater Aquarium.
For tropical fish, which love natural soft acidic water.


Dosage: Pouches for larger Aquarium. Place the pouch where water can pass through (e.g. external canister filter);


Detailed information:
– Lowers carbonate hardness (KH), total hardness (GH), pH value.
– Promotes breeding in many fish species, enhances the fish’s colours, improves water quality, reduces stress and disease.
– Hummins & tannins have some anti-bacterial and algae suppression properties.
– Reduce Ammonia toxity at lower pH.
– Compliments Biotec Amtrite-Down & Biosuper microbes well.

Ecological information: Achieve ideal general hardness level in your freshwater aquarium. It contains organic humic and tannic acids that simulate slightly soft acidic fishwater found in Amazon, SE Asia, W Africa – ideal for : Angelfish, Barbs, Cichlid, Discus, Gouramis, Loaches, Rainbows, Tetras, Oscars, and all other softwater fish by converting hard tap &.tank water into fish friendly river water.


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