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Second Nature Aquariums

Our History

We at Second Nature Aquariums endeavour to bring a wide range of quality tropical fish, plants and invertebrates to our customers in the Central West of NSW. With our Boutique Aquarium Store located in Orange, NSW 2800 as well as our Online Store, we can provide our services all over Australia.

We have a large range of tropical livestock and hardscape materials (such as driftwood and rocks) on display, as well as quality aquarium equipment to provide everything you need as a first time or already experienced aquarist.

We have over 40 years of experience in aquaristic and fish keeping, and we can help you in every aspect of setting up and maintaining your home aquarium. Our staff members are very passionate about fish keeping and are always happy to provide guidance and share their expertise with you, the customer. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email, or visit using our store.

Second Nature Aquariums


We provide Aquarium delivery, installation, maintenance and lots more, so you can enjoy your Aquarium without lifting a finger.

Delivery and Installation Service

We at Second Nature Aquariums can help you with everything along the way, from choosing the right aquarium for your needs as well as aquascaping and livestock ideas. We can organise delivery and installation through one of our experienced staff members. Although this service is limited to the Orange NSW area, we are happy to give you a quote, if you live outside this area - please contact us for more details.

Other Services

We provide guidance and professional advice, as well as troubleshooting before things get out of hand, so a long term success in keeping tropical fish can be made as easy as possible for you. This also presents a good opportunity to learn more about how your living aquarium functions to keep it healthier and happier.

We also offer Holiday care (not just for fish) and Emergency ‘after-hours’ call out service for unexpected issues that may occur. For prices please contact Second Nature Aquarium Systems.