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Worx 1800 Canister Filter with UV

Worx 1800 Canister Filter with UV


Worx 1800 Canister Filter with UV

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General: Suitable for up to 400 litre tank. Manufacturer: Pet Worx.
Innovative pump head structure fit for simple operation and cleaning, with biochemical laminated filtering construction. Quality filter material provided to enforce a efficient filtering effect. It has a convenient connection valve with quick release taps for efficient and effective control. Unique mold with large capacity for efficient use of the entire canister volume.


Main Features:
– exceptionally high output
– 4 stage filtration
– 3 baskets
– inbuilt UV unit
– Comes complete with taps, hoses and spray bar.
– Quiet and reliable with quick release taps.
– Self priming system for quick start.
– Self priming device and over-heat protect construction.
– Perfect for both fresh and saltwater aquariums.
– Comes with a ceramic shaft.
– Place filter below water level.

Other information: Overall dimensions: 29 x 29 x 43cm (height x width x length)
Automatically pumps water.
Max. flow rate: 1800lph
HMax: 190cm
Power usage: 35watts
1 year Manufacturer warranty.

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