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Tissue Culture - Echinoderus bolivianus

Tissue Culture – Echinoderus bolivianus


Tissue Culture - Echinoderus bolivianus

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Common name: Tissue Culture – Broad-leaf Chain Sword

Latin name: Echinoderus bolivianus


General Info & Placement: Commonly known in the Australian aquatic trade as Broad leaf chain sword, a slightly larger cousin to the ever popular. Echinodorus bolivianus (Helanthium bolivianus) from South America has characteristic light-green leaves 10cm long which form a good contrast to the darker aquarium plants. It is most beautiful when planted in groups, each roset becoming 10cm wide. In good conditions it produces runners which spread over the bottom. Very light leaves are a sign of a shortage of micro-nutrients.

Care information:
Grows well under low to bright light, pH weakly acidic to slightly alkaline; Temp: 20-25 C;
Choosing Lab grown tissue culture plants means that when the plants arrive at your door you can add them straight into your aquarium, confident that they are disease free, algae free and of course pest free! Remove culture from cup, wash off culture medium under running water, plants are ready for planting. Kept under medium bright light, this beautiful plant thrives and propagates beautifully.

Sold as tissue culture cup with plant.


NOTE: Due to Quarantine Laws – no plants will be shipped to WA and TAS.

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