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Starter Culture - Bananaworms

Starter Culture – Bananaworms


Starter Culture - Bananaworms

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Banana worms are very similar to Microworms and both are an excellent, easy-to-raise livefood for all manner of fish fry. Banana worms are actually a species of nematode, which grows on average to 0.2mm or smaller, so they are a little smaller in size than the Microworms.

Banana Worms are one of the best foods to start out for your newly hatched fish fry like killifish, guppies, betas, gouramis, tetra, barbs, danios, and many others. Banana Worms reproduce faster than Microworms in room temperature, which make them easier to culture in larger quantities in shorter time.

Starter culture includes instructions to get your worms producing. If done properly, a starter culture will start outputing worms within a couple of days.

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