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SpaceX Light LED Marine

SpaceX Light LED Marine


SpaceX Light LED Marine

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2 in stock

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The Space X LED Lighting provides a balance combination of multiple LEDs for optimal photosynthetic activity, coral growth and viewing, with a huge 48W at full power.

These lights project full spectrum lighting plus essential actinic blue spectrum wavelength that provide and support strong coral growth as well as enhance its colour. This LED also emits balance light for accurate viewing for both fish and the entire aquatic environment in the aquarium.

  • 24hr smart control
  • Intensity selection
  • Night light option
  • Spectrum control
  • Convective heat exchange design
  • 15 x 15 x 3.5cm
  • 48W at full power
  • 3m cable
  • LEDs: 4 x Green, 4 x Red, 21 x Blue, 13 x White, 6 x Purple

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