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Silver Sharks 8-9cm

Silver Sharks 8-9cm


Silver Sharks 8-9cm

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6 in stock



Common name: Silver Sharks

Latin name: Balantiocheilos melanopterus

Maximum size: 25cm

Water chemistry: Temperature: 22-30 C; pH: 6.0-8.0; Hardness: Soft to medium hard

Origin: South East Asia

Diet: Provide a large amount of vegetable matter in the diet (e.g. cucumber, peas and other green vegetables). Commercial foods such as algae wafers (e.g. New Life Spectrum Algae Wafers), spirulina and vegetable flake are also recommended.

Silver sharks inhabit densely planted river tributaries in the wild. They will do much better in larger aquariums. Considering these are shoaling fish and considering their adult size – 150-250ltr tanks are preferred! Hardy plants should be chosen but will still need to be replaced regularly.

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