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Saki-Hikari Turtle Medium 200g

Saki-Hikari Turtle Medium 200g


Saki-Hikari Turtle Medium 200g

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Saki-Hikari Turtle Medium 200g

High Quality Nutrition Specifically Formulated For Your Turtle

The highly balanced nutrients and inclusion of the HikariGerm™ offers support of the immune system and intestinal flora in your turtle. The rigorously tested and uniquely blended ingredients, including very specific herbs, help reduce odour in the water while increasing feed efficiency, which translates to less waste in your pond or aquarium.

Added calcium supports the development of the outer shell
Added Vitamin D3 for calcium absorption
May result in up to 30% less waste in your tank

Feeding Dosage: Only feed the amount your turtles will completely consume in 5 minutes.

Main Ingredients: This extremely flavourful diet offers premium-grade fish meal, silkworm and krill meal with superb nutrient balance.
Easily digested thereby reducing potential water quality problems and odour that can result from uneaten or partially digested food.

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