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Red Jewel Cichlid - 5.5cm

Red Jewel Cichlid – 5.5cm


Red Jewel Cichlid - 5.5cm

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4 in stock



Common name: Jewel Cichlid

Latin name: Hemichromis guttatus

Maximum size: 15cm

Water chemistry: pH: 6.0-7.5; Hardness: medium hard (dH: 8-12); Temperature: 24-27 C

Origin: Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon.

Diet: Will take all types of life & frozen food, good quality pellet and flake food, such as New Life Spectrum Cichlid Formula.

The Jewel Cichlid originates from Africa where they live in streams and river systems with mud bottoms. They are very hardy and should tolerate a range of water conditions, but may only breed in tanks with water on the acidic side and slightly elevated tank temperature.

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