Hikari - ALGAE WAFERS 250G

Hikari – ALGAE WAFERS 250G


Hikari - ALGAE WAFERS 250G

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2 in stock

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General: A perfect balance of premium-select ingredients developed to promote proper growth and desirable form in most herbivorous species.

A highly digestible, scientifically developed ingredient profile to help most bottom feeders develop their full potential.


We recommend Hikari Algae Wafers as a daily diet for Plecostomus and other algae eaters, including marine herbivores.


Feeding Dosage: Only feed the amount your fish will completely consume within 2 hours. Many bottom feeders are nocturnal, for best results feed late in the day or at night.


Main Ingredients: Contains higher levels of vegetable matter and multiple algaes that plecostomus and other algae eaters prefer.
The uniquely shaped disc sinks rapidly and retains its shape allowing less aggressive species ready access to its nutrition.

Other Feeding information: Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding and always remove any uneaten food after feeding period to prevent water clouding. Perfect for smaller to medium size aquariums or to target feed multiple areas of larger tanks thus avoiding competition for food. The perfect treat for your omnivorous fish to super-charge their nutrient intake. Contains pure-cultured spirulina and chlorella algae to help your underwater friends look their best, always.
Trust the Hikari logo to assure your aquatic pets are getting the original and proven Algae WafersT formulation!!


Typical analysis: min. 33% Crude Protein, min. 4.0% Crude Fat, max. 3.0% Crude Fiber, max. 10% Moisture, max. 17% Crude Ash, min. 0.8% Phosphorus.


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