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Frozen Cubes - Malawi Mix, 35 cubes

Frozen Cubes – Malawi Mix, 35 cubes


Frozen Cubes - Malawi Mix, 35 cubes

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12 in stock

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General: This blend of spinach, Mysis shrimp, fish meat, pacific Krill and Daphnia is formulated for the community Malawi Cichlid tank.
Cichlids from the great African Lakes are very inefficient in digesting hemoglobin. Bloodworm is full of hemoglobin which gives the worm its specific colour. The hemoglobin appears to irritate the fish’s gut and a condition known as “Malawi Bloat” may occur. This is the reason there is no bloodworm in this particular mix for the African origin Cichlids.
1 package contains 35 frozen cubes.
This is an excellent choice for the freshwater & marine community tank.


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