Frozen Cubes - Daphnia, 35 cubes

Frozen Cubes – Daphnia, 35 cubes


Frozen Cubes - Daphnia, 35 cubes

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11 in stock

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General: High quality fresh frozen zooplankton perfect for smaller freshwater fish. The carotene content of this algae eating organism is very high, and will enhance the natural bright colors of your fish. The hard shell of Daphnia provides a good source of roughage that will facilitate digestion.
Suitable for: Barbs – Tetra’s – Rasbora’s, Betta’s, Catfish – Loaches – Eels, Cichlids, Discus – Angels, Labyrinthfish, Livebearers, Newts – Frogs, Oddballs, Rainbow Fish.
1 package contains 35 frozen cubes.
This is an excellent choice for the freshwater & marine community tank.


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