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Aquael Comfort Zone Heater - 500W Gold

Aquael Comfort Zone Heater – 500W Gold


Aquael Comfort Zone Heater - 500W Gold

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General: Aquael COMFORT ZONE GOLD 500w – Dual Element has gold contacts which not only extends the life of the heater but adds to the precision of the heater. COMFORTZONE GOLD is a glass aquarium heater with a thermostat whose contacts are covered with a layer of gold. Exceptionally resistant to mechanical damage. Its flat shape allows for unhindered installation on any aquarium wall. It can operate installed horizontally – ideal solution for aqua terrariums.

– fully submersible
– Aquarium Size 300-1000ltr
– thermostatically controlled (gilded contacts)
– overheating switch controll
– easy to install and service
– double hanger suction cap
– Wattage 500
– very small/slim size (39x9x4cm)
– adjustable range between 18 & 36 degrees Celcius

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