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Apistogramma agassizii - pair

Apistogramma agassizii – pair


Apistogramma agassizii - pair

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Common name: Agassizi’s Dwarf Cichlid

Latin name: Apistogramma agassizii

Maximum size: 8-10cm

Water chemistry: pH: 5.0-7.0; Hardness: soft; Temperature: 22-29 C

Origin: Amazon Basin (Peru, Brazil); South America.

Diet: Will take all types of life & frozen food, good quality pellet and flake food (such as Hikari – Micro Pellets).

Best kept in a well structured tank with plants and driftwood. The addition of dried leaf litter (oak or Indian almond leaves are suitable) would further emphasize the natural feel.

The pair is a male and female Apistogramma.

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