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Antler Fern - Ceratopteris pteridoides

Antler Fern – Ceratopteris pteridoides


Antler Fern - Ceratopteris pteridoides

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Common name: Antler Fern, Floating Water Fern

Latin name: Ceratopteris pteridoides


General Info & Placement: Ceratopteris is a genus of homosporous ferns found in most tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Species grow as either aquatics or sub-aquatics and are limited in habitat to ponds, rivers or other wet areas such as ditches, taro patches or rice paddies.

Care information:
Antler Water Fern grows well under low to bright light, pH weakly acidic to slightly alkaline; Temp: 18-30 C;

Under favourable conditions this fern may get large within a quite short period. If the leaf rosettes have become too large for the tank, they can be replaced by some of the many young plantlets that develop on old, also detached leaves.

This large, decorative water sprite species looks best in open tanks where is provides shelter for the aquarium inhabitants.

Sold as bare rooted plant 3-5 leaves. 


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