3x Chinese Algae Eater

3x Chinese Algae Eater


3x Chinese Algae Eater

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6 in stock



Common name: Chinese Algae Eater

Latin name: Gyrinocheilus aymonieri 

Maximum size: 18-25cm

Water chemistry: pH: 6.0-8.0; Hardness: soft to medium hard; Temperature: 22-27 C

Origin: in fast flowing waters throughout South East Asia.

Diet: Will take good quality pellets and flakes (such as Hikari Algae wafers) and other vegetable food.

It is an active community fish and a tireless algae eater. Will be effective on even the most stubborn types of algae, and it won’t harm plants. This makes it a perfect addition to tropical tanks. One of the best solution to algae control.

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