Tropheus Red moliro 4.5cm

Tropheus Red moliro 4.5cm


Tropheus Red moliro 4.5cm

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3 in stock

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Common name: Red Moliro

Latin name: Tropheus sp. ‘moliro red’

Maximum size: 12-15cm.

Water chemistry: pH 7.8-9.5; Hardness 8-25°H; Temperature 23-28°C.

Origin: Endemic to Lake Tanganyika, Africa. On rocky shores with sandy bottom.

Diet: Herbivore, different vegetable pellets and algae wafers should be the largest part of their diet, will accept good quality pellet and flake food such as New Life Spectrum or Dainichi.

On rocky shores, needs hiding places, cave spawner. Hardy and easy to care for. Mildly aggressive, a larger tank is needed for a colony.

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