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Tri-Sulfa Single Tablets

Tri-Sulfa Single Tablets


Tri-Sulfa Single Tablets

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30 in stock

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Tri Sulfa Tablets controls the following aquarium fish diseases: – White Spot (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) – Mouth and Body Fungus (Columnaris spp) – Fin and Tail Rot – and other external bacterial diseases in fresh and saltwater aquariums. Does not discolour water.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: NOT TO BE USED ON FISH INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Remove activated carbon from filtration system and slow flow rate of sub-gravel filtration for the duration of the treatment. Prolonged treatments may affect the helpful bacterial flora in the biological filter.

DOSE RATE: Pre-dissolve tablets in a disposable cup before addition to the aquarium water. Use 1 tablet per 40 liters of aquarium water.

In cases of severe infestation use at the rate of one tablet per 20 liters of aquarium water. Repeat treatment in 3 days if necessary.

USAGE GUIDE: To calculate tank capacity: Length X Width X Water height (in cm) and divide by 1,000 for liters.

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