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Shrimplovers Adult Shrimp Food 50g

Shrimplovers Adult Shrimp Food 50g


Shrimplovers Adult Shrimp Food 50g

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5 in stock

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General: Shrimplovers adult shrimp food is apart of the premium shrimp food range, designed for fresh and saltwater crustaceans, either as a standalone diet or combining with any/all of the other 3 products in the range. The different diets within the range contain all necessary amino acids, essential lipids, vitamins, carotenoids, minerals and immunostimulants that are necessary to produce optimal health, growth and resistance.


Manufactured: Manufactured according to the highest hygienic standards, formulated with premium ingredients to form an optimal nutrition package with optimal digestibility.

Ecological information:
– Tested intensively on over 10 different species of fresh and saltwater shrimp.
– Significantly increases growth and improves disease resistance
– Incorporates immune response stimulation for digestion
– Highest quality with high reliable survival rates
– Improves stress resistance
– Excellent buoyancy and water stability


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