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Shrimp King 5 in 1, 30g

Shrimp King 5 in 1, 30g


Shrimp King 5 in 1, 30g

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General: Feed sticks for daily feeding. Containing all the important nutrients, substances needed for growth and vital substances that shrimps need for healthy, balanced growth, vibrant colouring and plentiful reproduction.

Sinking, water-stable feed sticks consisting of 100% natural ingredients for a biologically balanced diet for freshwater dwarf shrimp. Shrimp King Complete contains all the essential nutrients and substances for growth that shrimps need every day. High-quality proteins and essential amino acids from aquatic animals ensure balanced growth. Dietary fibre from various leaves and bark supports healthy digestion.

Numerous selected ingredients for a varied diet. Nutritionally sensible and high-quality food-grade ingredients. Four of the five food types are administered as food sticks. 100% pure natural ingredients. The individual types of food complement each other perfectly. As a result of the numerous ingredients, each individual feed stick already contains a varied diet. Premium shrimp food made in Germany.

Consists of:
ShrimpKing Complete – for daily feeding
ShrimpKing Protein – for better growth
ShrimpKing Mineral – for a strong shell
ShrimpKing Snow Pops – Food fun for shrimp
ShrimpKing 5 Leaf Mix – the bioactive vegetable snack


Manufactured: Dennerle – Shrimp King Complete is also ideal for feeding crayfish, dwarf crayfish (CPOs), crabs and snails.

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