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Sera Shrimp Staple Diet 55gm

Sera Shrimp Staple Diet 55gm


Sera Shrimp Staple Diet 55gm

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Sera Shrimp Staple Diet
Contains 100ml or 55gm of pellet food.


General: This quickly sinking and shape retaining food contains all ingredients shrimps in fresh or marine water require for good growth and regular skin shedding. High quality ingredients (e.g. stinging nettle, willow bark, paprika) provide an appropriate nutrient combination for liveliness, fertility and brilliant colouration. The round shape allows for easy gripping and grazing off the granulate.


Ingredients: Fish meal, wheat flour, wheat germ meal, brewers yeast, spirulina algae meal, sea algae meal, gammarus, stinging nettle meal, willow bark, alder cones,fish oil, herbs, alfalfa, green lipped mussel meal, parsley, paprika, spinach meal, carrots and garlic.


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