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Pseudotropheus acei - 5.5cm

Pseudotropheus acei – 5.5cm


Pseudotropheus acei - 5.5cm

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Common name: Acei Cichlids

Latin name: Pseudotropheus acei

Maximum size: 15cm

Water chemistry: pH 7.5-8.5; Hardness: hard; Temperature: 22 – 28 C

Origin: Lake Malawi, Africa;

Diet: Will take any kind of food, will thrive on any good quality pellet and flake food such as New Life Spectrum Cichlid Formula.

The Yellow Tail Acei is a very popular species due to its vibrant colouring. The body of the fish ranges from violet to deep blue. The fins of the fish are bright yellow. Acei are one of the few mbuna that eat algae off rocks or sunken logs.

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