Nanochromis transvestitus

Nanochromis transvestitus


Nanochromis transvestitus

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Common name: Transvestitus Dwarf Cichlid

Latin name: Nanochromis transvestitus

Maximum size: 6-7cm

Water chemistry: pH: 4.0-6.5; Hardness: medium hard (dH: 8-12); Temperature: 24-27 C

Origin: Lake Mai-Ndombe in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Diet: Will accept most foods offered but live and frozen varieties should form the bulk of the diet.

Lake Mai-Ndombe is a black water lake, meaning its water is stained with tannins released from decaying organic matter. A slightly aggressive cichlid, forms pairs and close family groups. Best kept in a well structured tank with plants and driftwood. The addition of dried leaf litter would further emphasize the natural feel.

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