Microgeophagus ramirezi 'gold' 4.5cm

Microgeophagus ramirezi ‘gold’ 4.5cm


Microgeophagus ramirezi 'gold' 4.5cm

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Common name: Golden Ram

Latin name: Microgeophagus ramirezi ‘gold’

Maximum size: 7cm

Water chemistry: pH: 5.0-7.5; Hardness: soft to hard (dH: 5-9); Temperature: 23-30 C

Origin: Venezuela, Colombia; South America.

Diet: Will thrive on any good quality pellet and flake food (such as Nutrafin Max Tropical Colour Enhancing Flakes), as well as all types of life & frozen food.

Golden Rams are a tank bred colour morph of Blue Rams. Rams usually inhabit small slow flowing creeks and still ponds with soft clear water. Likes planted tanks, fine sandy substrate with flat rocks for breeding.

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