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Mastersoil - Black Soil 3Kg

Mastersoil – Black Soil 3Kg


Mastersoil - Black Soil 3Kg

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General: Master Soil is a Japanese active substrate intended for planted tanks. Black soil maintains a mild acidity in the water, creating a conducive living and breeding environment for fish and shrimp. The soil is capable of absorbing impurities, nitrate and phosphate in a newly set up tank thus allowing the soil to clear up overnight quickly.


Notes: The active substrate Master Soil is manufactured in Japan using the latest technology of multi-stage surface sintering. As a result, the Master Soil substrate has excellent absorption properties, very high porosity, which prevents the formation of anaerobic zones and accelerates the colonization of Master Soil granules with large colonies of bacteria that quickly decompose “ammonia” (NH4 +) and nitrite (NO2). As a result, the time between water changes is significantly longer.

Ecological information: Please note, the parameters listed (pH 6-6.5, and 4 GH) are the manufacturers guidelines. The final parameters in your aquarium when using one of the listed soils will depend greatly on the water you use to fill the aquarium.


Dosage: Those mentioned amounts will create a substrate with thickness of 5-6 cm per volume.
30cm cube tank – 4-5 liter
45×30×30cm tank – 6-8 liters
60×30×36cm tank – 10-12 liters
90×45×45cm tank – 20-22 liters
120×45×45cm tank – 30-35 liters

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