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Malaysian Trumpet Snail - 10pk


Malaysian Trumpet Snail – 10pk

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Malaysian Trumpet Snail - 10pk

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4 in stock

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Common Name: Malaysian Trumpet Snail
Latin Name: Melanoides tuberculata

Origin: Malaysia, now widespread in the hobby. This beneficial snail consumes excess algae and detritus, as well as aerates the aquarium substrate.Take all types of life & frozen food, pellets and flakes.

Max Size: 2-3cm
Tank: any
Strata: mostly bottom (substrate)
Temperament: peaceful
PH: 6.0-8.0
Hardness: soft to medium hard (dH: 5-13)
Temperature: 16-30 C

Shipping Size: 0.5-1cm

Express Postage recommended!


NOTE: Due to Quarantine Laws – snails can not be shipped to WA or TAS.

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