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Licorice Gourami 3x

Licorice Gourami 3x


Licorice Gourami 3x

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2 in stock

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Common name: Licorice Gourami

Latin name: Parosphromenus deissneri

Maximum size: 3-4cm

Water chemistry: pH: 3.5-6.5; Hardness: soft to very hard (dH: 5-30); Temperature: 22-28 C

Origin: Endemic to the island of Bangka in Bangka-Belitung province, Indonesia.

Diet: This species is chiefly a micropredator feeding on tiny aquatic invertebrates, therefore in the aquarium it must be offered a variety of small live foods such as Artemia nauplii, DaphniaMoina, mosquito larvae, micro worm, etc.

Normally spawns in small caves or among leaf litter and forms temporary pair bonds with the male solely responsible for egg and brood-care.

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