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L168 - Butterfly Pleco 6.5cm

L168 – Butterfly Pleco 6.5cm


L168 - Butterfly Pleco 6.5cm

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3 in stock

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Common name: Butterfly Pleco, L-168

Latin name: Dekeyseria brachyura

Maximum size: 14cm

Water chemistry: pH: 5.5-7.0; Hardness: soft to slightly hard (dH: 5-12); Temperature: 24-28 C

Origin: Amazon, Middle Amazon, Negro.

Diet: L-number Plecos are vegetarian to omnivorous and require vegetable matter in their diet. Prefers vegetable like foods & quality algae tablets. Will thrive on any good quality pellet and flake food such as New Life Spectrum or Hikari Algae Wafers.

A medium sized pleco, with an attractive colour pattern, which can vary largely according to aquarium conditions or the fish’s mood. They can be fairly shy and will therefore need a suitable cave in which they hide. They generally inhabit areas of faster flowing waters. Like all Plecos, they will benefit from wood in their diet.

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