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Dymax Vortex Cooling Fan 8W

Dymax Vortex Cooling Fan 8W


Dymax Vortex Cooling Fan 8W

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Dymax Vortex Cooling Fan W-8

Reducing the water temperature in the aquarium can be hard to achieve especially for reef & aquarium plant tank. The Dymax cooling fan is made to keep the aquarium temperature as low as possible. Besides being compact design and powerful performance, the fan is also equipped with a “clip on” feature that could secured on most edges of the aquarium.

It also has a flexible arm feature that enable the fan to blow at various angle. Together with all these unique features, the Dymax has provide an ideal ventilation system for it’s innovation. Can reduce up to ~5 degree Celsius from room temperature.

Available in either Black or White.

  • Rated Voltage: DC 15V
  • Max Air Flow: 8.06CFM
  • Max Air Pressure: 15.9mmH2O
  • Acoustical Noise: 44.5dB
  • Operating Temp: -10~45°C

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