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Continuum bacter clean-M 250ml

Continuum bacter clean-M 250ml


Continuum bacter clean-M 250ml

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2 in stock

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Bacter Clean M


Bacter Clean M is a unique marine microbial culture and enzyme product specifically designed to target and clean surfaces of live rock, coral decorations and tank walls, removing stains, loosening and softening debris for easy vacuuming and providing a cleaner, more pristine environment.

It will outcompete unwanted substances and loosen the grip of ugly accumulations and coatings making their removal by scraping or vacuuming easy.

Its exclusive bacterial formula does much of the work for you, to help provide the beautiful reef or marine aquarium you have always wanted.

It will also rapidly breakdown organic waste, leftover food, debris and detritus in marine aquariums, providing essential water quality improvement.



Shake well immediately prior to use. This product is meant to be used only on aquariums with a stable biological filter in which ammonia and nitrite are immeasurable, and in which there is enough water circulation to keep dissolved oxygen saturated. Remove activated carbon and clean or replace mechanical filtration media just prior to first use. For best results, a fine filter floss is recommended. Use following amounts per 50 gallons (190 L) capacity.

• Day 1: add 2½ ml (½ capful)
• Day 2: add 5ml (1 capful)
• Day 3: add 7½ ml (1½ capfuls)
• Day 4: add 10 ml (2 capfuls)
• Day 5: add 12½ ml (2½ capfuls)
• Day 6: add 15 ml (3 capfuls)

For maintenance, add 7.5 ml (1½ capfuls) every other day or as needed. Activated carbon may be re-installed in the filters once treatment with this product has been concluded.

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