Aulonocara stuartgranti 'neon blue' - 7.5cm

Aulonocara stuartgranti ‘neon blue’ – 7.5cm


Aulonocara stuartgranti 'neon blue' - 7.5cm

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2 in stock



Common name: Stuart Grant’s Peacock

Latin name: Aulonocara stuartgranti ‘Neon Blue’

Maximum size: 16-18cm

Water chemistry: pH 7.5-8.5; Hardness: hard; Temperature: 22 – 28 C

Origin: Lake Malawi, Africa; Intermediate shorelines, with open sandy areas and few rocks.

Diet: Will take any kind of food, will thrive on any good quality pellet and flake food such as New Life Spectrum Cichlid Formula.

Another popular peacock. Only males develop brilliant colouration. Will hybridize readily with other Aulonocara species.

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