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AquaZonic 9W UV Sterilizer

AquaZonic 9W UV Sterilizer


AquaZonic 9W UV Sterilizer

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2 in stock

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General: AquaZonic UV Sterilizer, designed for use with Canister filters with hoses of diameter 12/16 mm. Its most important element is a chamber containing a light bulb emitting UV light that kills algae, protozoa and bacteria. The water flowing through the sterilizer chamber is both purified and cleared from the micro-organisms dangerous for fish and regains full clarity.


Main Features:
– exceptionally high output
– does not require any additional maintenance
– UV lamp life of 8000-10000 hours
– perfect for medium to large-sized tanks
– eliminates problems with water blooming
– prevents the growth of algae as well as fish diseases

Other information: AquaZonic UV sterilizer is designed to be placed in line with the outgoing water pipe, and will help to keep ideal water conditions in aquarium.

– suitable for any canister filter and sump systems
– 9 Watt power consumption

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