Two Little Fishies - Marine Snow Plankton Diet 500ml

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General: MarineSnow Plankton Diet is a first of its kind product that reproduces the special biogenic suspended matter found in natural seawater, including “marine snow” aggregates.

A food for filter-feeding marine invertebrates that feed on particulate and dissolved organic matter, phytoplankton and zooplankton. Formula based on components of ocean plankton. MarineSnow is based on the components of ocean plankton, does not contain yeast or egg solids and is blended to provide food packages of the right size range for filter feeders. The formula includes suspended microscopic particles rankging in size from under 0.2 microns (colloids) up to 150 microns and it forms macroscopic snow-like aggregates when it mixes with seawater.

Dosage: Feed at least 1 cap full (5ml) per 75 litres.

Ideal for for soft and stony corals, anemones, hydrozoans, feather duster worms, clams crinoids (feather stars), sponges, tumocates, foraminiferans and other filter feeders.

Main Ingredients: Deionised water, phytoplankton, Nannochloropsis Tetraselmis, Isochrysis, Spirulina, Schyzochitrium, Seaweed Meal.

Typical analysis:
Protein 0.1%; Fiber 0.3%; Fat 0.1%; Moisture 99.6%.

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Manufacturer Ocean Nutrition
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