Ocean Free Pro-Bottom Feeder Algae Wafers lrg - 250gm

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General: Ocean Free Pro Bottom Feeder-algae wafer is the latest technological breakthrough in fish nutrition, specialised for Bottom Feeder Fish.

Bottom Feeders are detritivores with a unique mode of feeding and also a spacial nutritional requirement due to the widespread presence of detritus In their natural habitats. The Food is formulated to ensure that the bottom feeders will be able to grow rapidly solely on BF-G1 as the only feed Intake and absorb all the necessary nutrients provided.

Dosage: Feed only as much as your fish can consume within two hours.

The food is specially formulated to suit the unique development of Bottom Feeder fishes including all Plecostomus species (including all L-series flshes), all Corydoras species, all Loacrtes (including all Botia species), all Algae eaters (including all Otoclnclus species), all Catfishes (including the large catflshes species), all Bottom Feeding Cyprinlds (including Labeos species) and some Freshwater Stingrays and many other species.

Main Ingredients:
Fish Protein, Quality White Fish Meal, Krill, Spirulina, Wheat Germ, Dried Yeast, Wheat Flour, Antarctic Shrimps, Protease, Stable Multi-Vitamin and Mineral, Lecithin, Immune Substance, Calcium, Enzyme, Organic Minerals, Astaxanthin and Carotenoid.
- Protein min. 48%, Fibre max. 5%, Fat min. 3% and Ash max. 13%.

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