Heat Mat 14W

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General: Heating mats are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to provide required heat to your reptile and amphibian pets. Simply place the heat pad under the enclosure in the desired location and then switch it on. Heat pads give off continuous heat and do not have inbuilt thermostats to control heat so you can buy a thermostat separately if you want one.

Wattage: 14W

Dimension: 26x28cm

- These items are not waterproof so should never be submersed in water.
- Heat mat can be placed under your enclosure or even attached to the wall of the enclosure depending upon your needs.
- Ceramic tiles can be used as a buffer in situations where less intense heat is required.
- Safe for use in many situations.

Please note that heat pads are best used in conjunction with a good thermostat to ensure that they do not under nor overheat an enclosure. Thermostats can be bought separately in our store. It is important to ensure that heat mats are adequately ventilated when in use to prevent them from overheating.

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