Anarchy Reptile Mitey Spray 125ml

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Anarchy Reptile Mitey Spray is a specifically formulated solution to prevent mite infestations on your reptile or in their environment. Anarchy Mitey Spray may also help relieve itching caused by mites on snakes and lizards. Mites can cause many issues in reptiles include pitted, crusty, scaly, or irritated skin, ulcers, or loss of appetite. In addition, irritation from wounds and bites can lead to anaemia and disease transmission, therefore it is important mites are eradicated from your reptile and their environment.


  • Shake well before use
  • Remove food and water from enclosure
  • Hold spray 40cm from reptile and do not spray in eyes or face
  • Spray thoroughly around enclosure
  • Repeat if necessary
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