Dymax Rex-Freshwater LED Light 120cm

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The Dymax REX-LED lighting provides a balanced combination of multiple LEDs for optimal photosynthetic activity, coral growth and viewing. These lights provide full spectrum lighting plus essential actinic blue spectral wavelengths that promote and support strong coral growth as well as enhance its colour. This fixture also emits balanced light for accurate viewing of fishes and the aquatic environment in the aquarium.

Rex LED - Marine Size(L) Wattage Voltage Remark
DM393 45CM 14W 110V ~ 240V Blue/White
DM395 60CM 17W 110V ~ 240V Blue/White
DM397 90CM 25W 110V ~ 240V Blue/White
DM399 120CM 35W 110V ~ 240V Blue/White
DM400 150CM 40W 110V ~ 240V Blue/White
DM401 180CM 50W 110V ~ 240V Blue/White

Rex LED - Freshwater Size(L) Wattage Voltage Remark
DM402 45CM 14W 110V ~ 240V Pink/White
DM404 60CM 17W 110V ~ 240V Pink/White
DM406 90CM 25W 110V ~ 240V Pink/White
DM408 120CM 35W 110V ~ 240V Pink/White
DM409 150CM 40W 110V ~ 240V Pink/White
DM410 180CM 50W 110V ~ 240V Pink/White
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