Corydoras rabauti - Rabaut's Cory 3.5cm

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Common name: Rabaut's Cory

Latin name: Corydoras sterbai

Maximum size: 5-6cm

Water chemistry: pH: 5.5 - 7.5; Hardness: Up to 15 dH, Temperature: 23 - 26 C

Origin: Rio Negro basins, Colombia and Brazil, South America.

Diet: Will take good quality flake (such as Nutrafin Max Spirulina Algae Flakes), sinking pellets, algae wafers and occasionally frozen bloodworms.

Like all corys they should never be kept alone. The minimum number of C. rabauti that should be maintained is 4-6, though other similar Corydoras species can serve as suitable shoal-mates. Corydoras will appreciate some cover in the form of rocks or bogwood. Most Cory species occur across a range of habitats from flowing rivers to still waters, so water flow in the aquarium is not critical.

More Information
Common Name Rabaut's Cory
Latin Name Corydoras rabauti
Maximum Size 7cm
Recommended Tank Size 50ltr
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