10x Black Phantom Tetra 3cm

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Common name: Black Phantom Tetra

Latin name: Hyphessobrycon megalopterus

Maximum size: 4-5cm

Water chemistry: pH: 6-7.5, ideally soft (dH: 5-15), 22-27 C

Origin: Native to South America, Rio Guaporé and upper Rio Paraguay in Bolivia and Brazil.

Temperament: Peaceful schooling fish.

Diet: Will thrive on good quality pelleted food such as NLS Community Formula. Benefits from the inclusion of live and frozen foods in its diet.

It’s a good tankmate for most commonly available livebearers, danionins, rasboras, other tetras and peaceful bottom dwellers such as Corydoras or smaller Loricariids. It can also be kept with the majority of commonly available gouramis and dwarf cichlids.

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