Aquael UNI MAX 250 Canister Filter

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General: Modern design & technical advanced filter, power saving and more efficient in comparison with their power production. Aquael External canister filter with 650l/h output, for freshwater aquariums between 250 and 300 litre.

Main Features:
- exceptionally high output
- high-efficiency, small pump inside the aquarium
- integrated filter head with aqua stop valves
- large filtration cartridges capacity
- particularly efficient water aeration
- quiet and energy saving
- efficient mechanical filtration
- multi-stage biological filtration
- ideal for 200-300ltr tanks

Other information: AQUAEL UNIMAX Professional is designed to filter and oxygenate aquarium water. Large pump output and great volume of filtration media combined with reliability and safety will help to keep ideal water conditions in aquarium. It combines all the advantages of the classic canister filters, like great efficiency, big capacity of filtration media, versatility, precision of workmanship and easy installation.

- 3 year warranty
- filter media included
- 11 Watt power consumption
- Max output 650l/h
- 4x baskets, 1.3ltr capacity each

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