Amazon Sword - Echinoderus vesuvius

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Common name: Vesuvius Sword

Latin name: Echinoderus vesuvius

General placement: This plant is one of the rarer Echinoderus species in the aquarium hobby. Can be fast-growing, is a mid- to background plant. Will make a great Centre or Feature plant in a tall aquarium.

Sold as bare rooted plant 10-15cm.

NOTE: Due to Quarantine Laws - most plants can not be shipped to WA and TAS, but we have an WA plant supplier available.

- for current stocklist please contact us.

Care information:
Grows well under low to bright light;
pH weakly acidic to slightly alkaline;
Soft to moderate hard water;
Temperature 20-32 C;
Kept under bright light, this beautiful plant thrives and propagates beautifully.

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