5x Darwin Algae Shrimp - 2.5cm

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Common name: Darwin Algae Shrimp

Latin name: Caridina sp. NTnilotica

Maximum size: 4-5cm

Water chemistry: pH: 6.5-8; Hardness: soft to hard; Temperature: 18-26C

Setup: It is an Australian native shrimp found in the NT. Best kept in a well planted tank, away from fish which will eat or attack them.

Diet: The shrimps consume algae and other detritus, also good for clean up of unwanted food left overs.

Colour of shrimps varies and ranges from light green to red with a white stripe running from the rostrum to the tip of the tail. Only small, harmless fish such as small tetras, rasboras and livebearers are suitable for cohabitation.

NOTE: Due to changes in the WA Quarantine Laws - shrimp can not be shipped to WA and TAS.

- Please click here for current regulations.

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