3x Golden Mystery Snail - 2.5cm

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3x Mysterysnail

Common Name: Golden Mystery Snail
Latin Name: Pomacea bridgesii

Origin: Originally found throughout the Amazon river basin, now widespread throughout the hobby.
Mystery snails are often sold under the name Golden Apple snail. This beneficial snail consumes excess algae and detritus. The apple snails are popular aquarium-pets because of their attractive appearance and size. Take all types of life & frozen food, pellets and flakes.

Size: 2-3cm
Tank: any
Strata: mostly bottom (substrate)
Temperament: peaceful
PH: 6.0-8.0
Hardness: soft to medium hard (dH: 5-13)
Temperature: 16-30 C

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NOTE: Due to Quarantine Laws - snails can not be shipped to WA or TAS.

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Livestock Type Snail
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