3x Black Bar Endler Pairs

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Common Name: Endler's Dwarf Guppy
Latin Name: Poecilia wingii "Black Bar"

Origin: Central America to Brazil; Livebearer - 20-40 fry every 6-8 weeks; Best keep in groups where females out-number males.
Take all types of life & frozen food, pellets and flakes.

Max Size: 5cm females, males around 2.5-3cm
Tank: 50 liter
Strata: will visit all levels
Temperament: peaceful
PH: 5.5-8.5
Hardness: soft to hard (dH: 5-30)
Temperature: 18-28 C

You are purchasing 3 pairs; a pair is 1x male and 1x female endler.
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